Augmented Reality Welding

Our augmented reality training system offers students the most advanced and realistic welding simulation in the world. It allows them to repeatedly practice their technique without any additional costs, as well as minimising physical risks and gas emissions.

You can…
  • Accurately simulate real-life welding.
  • Perform welding which is much more advanced and realistic than virtual reality.
  • Repeatedly practice technique without added cost, physical risk or gas emissions.
  • Reduce training costs and hours, typically 68% Consumable savings and 56% real workshop time reduction.
  • Simulate MIG, TIG and ARC welding.
Existing Users

You can now upgrade to the latest version 2.4 for free. See our software updates section for details.

Augmented Reality Welding Training System

Augmented Reality Welding Training System

One of the most advanced welding training systems available, it allows students to work with real 3D objects combined with virtual computer-generated images to give them the most realistic welding experience possible. They can repeatedly practice techniques, at no extra cost, and the system can be networked and controlled by the tutor for the optimal teaching tool.

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