Plasma Cutter

Our computer controlled, plasma cutter combines state-of-the-art technology with precision engineering to cut mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. It works to industrial level programming codes and is ideal for fulfilling all levels of education and training as well as a variety of prototyping work.

You can…
  • Cut sheet steel up to 12mm thick with the entry level unit and up to 20mm with the higher power options.
  • Work safely, thanks to the fully enclosed unit which manages any fumes and debris.
  • Work cleanly, thanks to our bespoke three stage extraction system which removes sparks, debris and gases.
  • Use our intuitive software to process CAD files. See the unbelievably realistic software simulation engine in action hereVideo_icon
Floorstanding Large Format Plasma Cutter — A1HSPi

Floorstanding Large Format Plasma Cutter — A1HSPi

This is a free standing, fully enclosed machine which uses intuitive computer software to either create new CAD drawings or process third party CAD data. It can machine both mild and stainless steel and also aluminium with the optional water table.

The plasma cutter has automatic sensors which locate the plate before each pierce and digitally controls the height during cutting, as well as an IFA certified extraction system to ensure any fumes and debris are safely managed and removed. Includes on-site training for UK customers.

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