Great resources for teachers and students

At Boxford we’re proud that our machines are helping put some of the world’s brightest young students on the right path to a successful career in design and manufacturing.

Each of our machines comes with its own curriculum CD. This includes valuable guides for teachers on how they can use our machinery to tackle various aspects of the curriculum, step-by-step guides for students on how to design and manufacture a component and various multimedia resources and presentations.

Resource guides

The resource guides have been designed to give teachers a thorough grounding in exactly how their Boxford machine works, from basic set up to vital safety features.

They detail how to fit or change tools and offer valuable tips on how to deliver particular projects to help students successfully achieve the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Curriculum books

The curriculum books are a step-by-step guide for students to help them design and manufacture their first ever component part. They include screen shots and diagrams to illustrate each stage of the process, as well as worksheets which pupils can use to test their knowledge at every stage.

Multimedia resources

These are a series of presentations on a range of topics, including a basic introduction to CAD/CAM and machining processes on both the lathe and mill. They also include on screen multiple choice tests for pupils to test their abilities. These resources are particularly useful for lessons when a machine may not be available.