Making safe and powerful fibre marking lasers more affordable

Updated: May 27, 2020

The latest addition to the Boxford laser range is the BFM110 Fibre Marking Laser. Capable of permanently marking and engraving a wide range of metals, coated metals and some non-metals, it is a compact, but extremely powerful bench top machine, giving you the ability to produce industry standard surface marking and engraving results.

From high definition logos and photographs, to bar codes, QR codes, date stamps and sequential serial numbers, the machines cutting edge fibre laser technology can turn a standard product in to a branded and traceable product, adding value to your existing products or services.

Materials which can be laser marked and engraved:

Stainless steel


Anodised aluminium



Mild steel

Tool steel


and more...

With an optional rotary device, the machine bed can be loaded with both flat and cylindrical items, meaning you are not limited to engraving on a flat surface. This can prove particularly useful when adding text or vector images to precision engineered components or even promotional items such as pens or steel drinking flasks.

Safety is an important feature when it comes to laser marking and engraving. This is why Boxford fibre marking lasers are built to be fully enclosed, confirming to class 1 laser safety standards. The machine door is equipped with CE marked fail safe guard switches, to prevent use when the door is open and the machine can also be fitted with a compact filtered fume extraction system, to remove any harmful fumes and debris from the work area.