Repton School - Case Study

In January 2020, we organised to spend a day at Repton School in Derbyshire, UK to observe how the students and teachers were using their Boxford equipment within their Design and Technology department.

Repton is a co-educational independent school with a world renowned reputation for excellence and caters for boarding and day pupils from age 13-18.

Boxford have had a strong relationship with Repton for many years and today they are currently using a range of Boxford machines, including an A1HSRi² 3D High-Speed CNC Router, MT2i Combination CNC Lathe and Vertical Machining Centre and a LS900 35w Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine.

We spoke to Gemma Hill, Head of D & T who explained how having the use of a selection of Boxford machines within her department, enhanced the ability to teach the subject.

Boxford machines “reflect industry standard in operation and build quality. So many of the concepts we discuss in D & T, can be practically demonstrated through our machines. It also means projects of ambition, complexity and imagination are made possible”.

We were very keen to find out if owning Boxford equipment within their D & T department had an impact on attracting future students to the school. Gemma went on to explain; “The Design Centre is a stop on all our prospective pupil tours and visitors always comment on the feature of having a range of CNC machines available for pupil use. I think it definitely opens pupils’ eyes to what the subject is about, and how CNC equipment can be integrated into designing and making an exciting prototype”.

Safety in the workshop obviously plays a huge part when we design machines at Boxford.

All of our equipment is manufactured with safety in mind, from our fully enclosed machine cabinets, to safety guard door switches and professional extraction systems to remove dust and fumes from the work area, the greatest care and consideration is taken to ensure all Boxford users of any age and ability are safe whilst using their equipment.

When asked how important safety in the workshop is, Gemma replied; “absolutely paramount. Boxford machines are incredibly easy to use and safe for all pupils. Features such as the carbon extraction system and automatic shut off on the laser cutter are important to us, as well as the excellent safety guards on all machines such as the lathe and router”.