Replacement acrylic main filters to suit your filtered extraction unit. (For use with Purex 400i only - BGL460 & BGL690).


Main filter for Acrylic processes only: 113504 

The 113504 is the same as the 113505 HEPA and diameters, the difference is the activated carbon, the 113504 has PUR100 carbon and the 113505 has PUR800 carbon. If the process consists of Acrylic and other material i.e. plywood, the 113505 is still the overall fillter with base carbon.  

The 113504 has an activated carbon volume of 0.0110m3 with the carbon blend of PUR100, The filter also has a HEPA media area of 4.03m2 and has an efficiency of H14 which is 99.997% efficient with capturing particulates of 0.3 microns.  


Delivery or collection available.

ACRYLIC USE ONLY - Main Filters for C02 Laser Filtered Extraction