Our customers use their machines to their full potential due to quality of build and unrivalled support at every stage.

Here are some examples of what customers have said about their Boxford experience...


Chris Cope, Montsaye Academy 

(Northamptonshire, UK) 

"Our machines are being put to great use. The amount of work the CNC lathe and laser cutter have had is great – brilliant kit for the learners to develop the iterative models for Product Design. We have used it across Art and Design for 3D project work and are finding better projects and ways of making things because we can." Montsaye Academy currently use three of our machines: 

LS100 Laser, 160TCLi lathe and A3HSRmi2 CNC router. 


Jayne King, Matrix Technology Solutions (Halifax, UK)

Matrix chose Boxford as their supplier when they needed to upgrade to a new laser cutting machine in 2019. Their BGL690 laser cutting and engraving machine has afforded the company "Reduced labour time for building certain products". They found our customer service "very helpful" and rated us 5/5 as a machine supplier. 


Steve Sarsfeld, City of London Freemen's School (Surrey, UK)

"The after care that Boxford offer is a major factor in choosing them as CAD/CAM partner. Their training is excellent and the above the products are always made to the highest standards. If there are ever any issues I have always been able to ask their advice and a solution quickly follows. Great company - great service!"


Alun Pickford, Dauntsey's School (Wiltshire, UK)

"Boxford have provided me with exceptional service over the past 15 years. I would always look at their machines before others on the basis they are reliable, easy to use, have excellent service and spares, and provide over the phone help with any problems, large or small. Having worked with other suppliers for 15 years before using Boxford, they have been the most consistent and reliable machines. They are robust and easy to use so students are able to run the machines entirely by themselves."


Gary Murphy, Merlin Precision Engineering (Halifax, UK)

"We purchased a Superb Quality Metal Cutting Bench Top Router. Very well built, very well Engineered and if and when I had any issues it was dealt with by Customer Services promptly and politely.
Was a pleasure to deal with, long may it continue"


Vashti Tatham, Mullion School

(Cornwall, UK) 

"At KS3 it has enabled me to visualise to the students the CAD/CAM process and to make the concept of liasing with manufacturers easier to understand by producing repetitive products that I can call 'bought in standard components'. Great for high ability students to produce theirown individual components at KS4.


It's great that you have the set up training day as when you speak to the team at the end of the phone you can put a name to a face and you know who you are talking to."


Gemma Hill, Repton School

(Derbyshire, UK) 

In buying Boxford equipment, Repton School have benefited from a "greater variety of projects", and also helped "realise projects that would not have been previously possible or straightforward without the benefit and accuracy of CNC."

Gemma comented that Boxford have gone "above and beyond on many occasions, for example, talking us through technical issues and suggesting helps and fixes."

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