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Powerful machines for prototyping & small batch production

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We supply a wide range of machines

from Fibre Lasers to CNC Routers for 

industrial users... 

Many commercial customers who have chosen to invest in Boxford manufacturing equipment all have one thing in common: the desire to bring as much of their manufacturing capabilities in-house as possible.


Having the ability to control more stages of the manufacturing process is a key factor when it comes to developing products quickly, meeting customer deadlines and managing the demands of batch production.


Boxford’s range of powerful and versatile prototyping and small batch production machines help our customers take their in-house capabilities to the next level. Every machine is built to be used round the clock to meet the demands of any fast paced production environment.


From sheet metalwork, to sign making and R&D, we’ve carefully assembled a catalogue of industry standard equipment capable of improving the capabilities of a wide range of commercial customers, across many sectors.


From fibre optic metal cutting and marking solutions, to multi-material C02 laser cutting and engraving machines, our aim is to equip our customers with the latest manufacturing technology, delivered with over 70 years of experience by a supplier they trust.  

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Featured products for Industry


BFL1390 (500w / 1kw / 1.5kw)

Fibre Laser for Metal Cutting

1300mm x 900mm work area

Power             500w / 750w / 1kw 

Weight            from 1250kg

Dimensions    2300x2250x1850

Cutting thickness

(Carbon steel example)   6mm / 10mm / 12mm

Cutting speed                  40m/min

Max acceleration             0.5G



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BFM110 (20w / 30W / 50W)

Fibre Marking Laser

110mm x 110mm  or 200mm x 200mm work area*

Power             20w Fibre Laser

                        (1064nm WL)

Weight            90kg

Dimensions    470w x 720d x 740h

Operation modes         scan marking /                                                 engraving

Min character          0.3mm

Min line width          50μm

Class 1 closed configuration

*200x200 marking area can be achieved using the optional additional 290mm focal length lens - available to order with 30W & 50W power options only (110x110 work area when using included 160mm focal length lens




BML1390 150W

Mixed Material Cutting (metal & non-Metal)

1300mm x 900mm work area

Power             150w Glass C02

Weight            450kg

Dimensions    2010x1550x1150

Cutting thickness

(Acrylic example)          0-30mm

Cutting speed               600mm/sec

Engraving speed          1000mm/sec

Capable of cutting steel up to 1.5mm (Oxygen assist gas is required for metal cutting)