Boxford C02 laser cutting machine showingrange of items machine can produce

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Boxford 50 watt C02 laser cutter cuttiung and engraving plywood

We supply affordable manufacturing equipment to designers, hobbyists, personalisation specialists and the signage industry...

Boxford machines are created to process a vast range of materials using a number of cutting, shaping and surface altering techniques. All of these factors make us the ideal supplier for businesses and individuals looking to introduce new and diverse processes to their creative capabilities.


We help designers, makers, crafts people and personalisation specialists take their products and ideas to the next level, allowing them to produce industry standard work at an affordable cost, without the need to outsource their prototyping or production work to another supplier.


The ability to develop and manufacture your own designs in-house, supported by Boxford’s easy to use, specialist manufacturing equipment, gives our customers the confidence to grow and develop their creative output quickly and in new and diverse ways.


From compact and affordable C02 laser cutting and engraving machines to intuitive and powerful CNC routers, we offer manufacturing solutions for any scale, capable of producing work of the highest standards.  

Laser cut plywood jewelry tree 3D project

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Featured products for Design


BGL350 50W

Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine 

500mm x 300mm work area

Power             50w Glass C02

Weight            150kg

Dimensions    1060x750x1020

Cutting thickness          0-15mm

Cutting speed               600mm/sec

Engraving speed          1000mm/sec




BGL1390 100W

Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine

1300mm x 900mm work area

Power             100w Glass C02

Weight            410kg

Dimensions    1860x1330x1150

Cutting thickness          0-20mm

Cutting speed               600mm/sec

Engraving speed          1000mm/sec



Router_1 111111111.jpg


Bench top PC controlled CNC router

Bench top CNC Routers suitable for machining hardwood, softwood, manufactured boards, plastics, aluminium alloys and brass.