A focus on laser cutting

by | 16 Jan '20

Having the ability to produce your own laser cut designs, rather than sub-contracting work, is one of the main reasons we regularly hear from our customers, when they explain to us why they are looking to purchase their own laser cutter.

Owning your own laser cutting machine can not only give you more control over your productivity, but it can also help to develop valuable product design skills, which can be tested and developed with the manufacturing technology at your fingertips.

We offer a range of compact, fully integrated and affordable machines with a variety of size, power and material cutting and engraving capability options.

Our easy to use C02 laser cutting and engraving machines can cut and engrave such a wide range of materials, their uses can sometimes seem endless!

All of our machines have a closed, water based chiller system and air compressor for air assist, built into the machine itself, which can save valuable workshop space and reduce machine set up and maintenance.

Our built in auto-focus function also saves time when changing between different material types and thicknesses.

We supply intuitive software which is pre-loaded with a material settings library to help get you started on your laser cutting journey. The software is also compatible with Adobe Illustrator files, dxf files, BMP images, jpeg files and more, meaning you can continue to use your preferred design package to produce artwork which can be laser cut.

With full UK delivery, training, warranty and support from a company which has been providing equipment to education, design and industry for over 70 years, you can rest assured that your venture into the world of laser cutting will be hassle free as we help you on your way to producing the highest quality laser cut products and designs.

You can see our full range of C02 laser cutting and engraving machines here, or get in touch if you are interested in a free demo or require further information.