The best CO2 laser cutter machines in the UK 

by | 16 Dec '22

Have you ever wondered what the best features are of the top CO2 laser cutter machines in the business? Have you been looking at the different options with no idea where to start? 

Look no further, as we break down the best features of laser cutter machines available in the UK, why they’re so useful, and how you can get a hold of them. 

So, just what should you look out for when looking into purchasing a new machine? Here are just a few features we recommend in a good CO2 laser cutter… 


If you want a CO2 laser cutter that is flexible at engraving and marking materials as well as cutting them, then the more powerful you can get it, better. Anything over 30w is capable of cutting through thin materials, but if you want something truly powerful you want to be aiming much higher than that. 

For example, Boxford supplies a mixed CO2 laser machine with 150w power. This machine is capable of not only engraving and marking, but cutting through materials such as wood, plastic and fabrics. 


Having the space to make the projects you want is crucial. If you’re just a hobbyist making small items, such as personalised gifts or small decorative items, a small work area inside the machine might suit you. But if you’re looking to work with more substantial creations that require work room, such as cutting out large parts to create standing structures, you might want to look into utilising a much larger work area. 

Our largest CO2 laser cutter machines offer a work area of 1300mm x 900mm, giving you plenty of room to create to your heart’s content. 


One factor that can’t be underestimated is the software that works with a CO2 laser cutter machine. To be able to use the machine easily, the machine should come with something intuitive, compatible with plenty of different file formats, and is thus capable of translating your creativity and designs onto the material with ease. 

Boxford supplies an included software with all machines that is easy to use, comes with pre-configured material settings, and allows a variety of cutting and engraving techniques in one cutting cycle. 

Which is right for you?  

At Boxford, we sell a wide variety of CO2 laser cutters in the UK, as well as other types of machines such as Fibre laser cutter machines. Get in touch today, and we can discuss which one is right for you.