BFM110 20W Fibre Laser

BFM110-30W Fibre Marking Laser

The BFM110 30W is a conveniently sized benchtop machine that is fully enclosed and user-friendly. It allows customers to effectively mark various materials permanently while ensuring a secure working environment.

Powered by a 30w Fibre Laser operating at a wavelength of 1064nm, this machine offers efficient and precise marking capabilities.

The BFM110 30W laser non-metal cutting & engraving machine includes:

Ability to mark a range of metals and some non-metals

Galvo laser head for rapid marking and engraving

Windows software which accepts multiple formats including: DXF, AI, JPEG, BMP and more…

Ability to permanently mark logos, bar codes, QR codes and serial numbers

Motorised Z axis with digital focus height readout

12 months warranty

Fully enclosed machine casing for safety and fume management

Dual red dot focusing system for quicker positioning

You can rely on a Boxford BFM110 30W Fibre Marking Laser:

200mm x 200mm work area – with optional additional 290mm focal length lens (110×110 work area when using included 160mm focal length lens)

Power: 30w Fibre Laser (1064nm WL)
Weight: 90kg
Dimensions: 470w x 720d x 740h
Operation modes: scan marking / engraving
Min character: 0.3mm
Min line width: 50μm
Class 1 closed configuration

From: £6,095.00 

(UK only price)


Compact Workspace

The BFM110 30W is a versatile machine designed for various marking and engraving needs. It boasts a work area of 200mm x 200mm, with the option of expanding it further with a 290mm focal length lens. When utilising the included 160mm focal length lens, the work area reduces to a size of 110×110. This flexibility allows users to adapt the machine to suit their specific project requirements.

Powerful Laser

Powered by a 30w Fibre Laser operating at a wavelength of 1064nm, this machine offers efficient and precise marking capabilities. Despite its capabilities, the BFM110 remains relatively portable with a weight of 90kg and dimensions measuring 470w x 720d x 740h. Its compact design makes it suitable for benchtop use without compromising functionality.

Impressive marking abilities

The machine operates in two modes: scan marking and engraving, providing users with versatile options. With an impressive minimum character size of 0.3mm, it ensures detailed and intricate marking, meeting industry standards and demands.

Safety comes first

Safety is a priority in the design of the BFM110 30W, featuring a Class 1 closed configuration to ensure a secure working environment during operation. This adherence to safety standards adds to the machine’s reliability and usability.

Competitive pricing

Available at a starting price of £6,095, this machine offers exceptional value for its capabilities and functionality. Please note that the listed price is specific to the UK market. Contact us to discuss any questions you have regarding our BFM110 machines.

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