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BGL1390 01

BGL1390 150W (Mixed CO2 Laser) Laser Cutting & Engraving

The Boxford BGL1390 150W has impressive specifications. Supplied with metal cut laser software, as opposed to Lightburn. Camera not included with this model. Capable of cutting steel up to 1.5mm. Oxygen assist gas is required for metal cutting.

The BML1390 is not just a laser cutting and engraving machine; it’s a tool designed to elevate your craftsmanship. With its specifications, this 150W Glass CO2 laser machine is engineered to tackle your most ambitious projects.

The BGL1390 150W laser cutting & engraving machine includes:


Honeycomb and knife material bed

Integrated water cooling system for CO2 laser source

UK after sales and support

Air assist including integrated compressor

Lightburn laser software, compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux OS

Pre-configured & fully editable parameter library

12 months warranty

Automatic filtered extraction start/stop (when used with optional filtered extraction system)

You can rely on a Boxford BGL1390 150W CO2 mixed laser cutting machine:

Spacious Work Area (1300mm x 900mm): The BML1390 proudly features an expansive work area measuring 1300mm by 900mm, providing you with the freedom to explore grand designs, intricate artwork, and custom creations that leave a lasting impression.

Laser Power (150W Glass CO2): Harness the commanding power of a 150W Glass CO2 laser, capable of cleanly slicing through an extensive range of materials and engraving intricate details with precision. Whether you’re working with wood or acrylic, expect immaculate results.

Sturdy Build (Weight: 450kg): Engineered for performance, the BML1390 boasts a thick 450kg frame that ensures stability during operation. Consistency and excellence are standard with this remarkable machine.

Compact Design (Dimensions: 2010x1550x1150): Despite its capabilities, the BML1390 is an efficient design, measuring 2010mm in width, 1550mm in depth, and 1150mm in height, seamlessly integrating into your workspace.

Versatile Cutting Thickness(0-30mm): Tailor your projects precisely to your requirements with a cutting thickness range of 0-30mm. This adaptability enables you to work on a diverse range of materials.

Efficient Design (Engraving Speed: 200mm/sec): Efficiency meets precision with an engraving speed of 200mm per second. Your designs come to life quickly, capturing every intricate detail.

Capability (Metal Cut Laser Software): The BML1390 comes with metal cutting laser software, offering advanced capabilities for metal cutting. Capable of slicing through steel up to 1.5mm. Please note that oxygen assist gas is required for metal cutting.

Affordable Excellence: Elevate your craftsmanship without compromising your budget, with prices starting from just £11,995.00 (UK only). The BML1390 offers unrivalled value.

Whether you’re creating art pieces, intricate metal designs, or launching a creative business venture, this machine equips you with the tools you need to bring your visions to life. Unleash your craftsmanship, embrace precision, and elevate your projects with the BML1390 – the pinnacle of laser cutting and engraving technologyTop of Form.

From: £11,995.00

(UK only price)

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Software - included

Metal Cut laser software included as standard with BML1390 (compatible with Windows OS only).

Intuitive and easy to use laser software which links directly with your machine.

Import a wide range of file formats including: AI, dxf, jpeg, bmp and more…