Bring Your Sub-Contract Metal Cutting In-House with Boxford Fibre Lasers!

by | 28 Jun '24

Are you tired of spending a fortune on laser-cut components each month? By installing a Boxford compact, precision fibre laser, you can significantly reduce your costs and enjoy the benefits that come with owning your own machine.

Why Own a Fibre Laser?

  • Eliminate Long Lead Times: Say goodbye to waiting weeks for components to arrive. With a Boxford fibre laser, you can produce your parts on demand, ensuring you meet your deadlines every time.
  • Save Money: Sub-contracting your metal cutting can be expensive. By bringing this capability in-house, you’ll see a substantial reduction in your monthly expenses.
  • Control Product Quality: When you handle your cutting, you have complete control over the quality of the final product. This means higher standards and fewer defects.
  • Enhance R&D and Prototyping: A Boxford fibre laser isn’t just for full-scale manufacturing. It’s a powerful tool for research and development, allowing you to quickly prototype new designs and adjust until they’re perfect.
  • Generate Additional Income: Why not turn your new capability into a revenue stream? Offer your sub-contract laser cutting services to other businesses, maximising the return on your investment.

Peace of Mind with Boxford

Boxford fibre lasers come with a 2-year UK on-site parts and labour warranty, ensuring you have reliable support when you need it. Our dedicated team is always available to provide expert technical assistance, giving you peace of mind.

Experience the Boxford Difference

Interested in seeing our fibre lasers in action? Visit our showroom for an in-depth demonstration. If you’d like to receive free sample profiles, get in touch with our sales team who are ready to assist you.

Explore our full range of Fibre Metal Cutting Lasers now – take control of your metal cutting today and start saving with Boxford!