Students using Boxford machines for education projects

For the engineers, designers & makers of tomorrow

We’re proud that we’re putting some of the world’s brightest young students on the right path to a successful career in design and manufacturing. Our machines are inspiring a generation of ambitious new minds to realise their dreams and make their mark on the designed and manufactured world.

Our specialist equipment can help students achieve their creative goals by turning good ideas on paper into great reality. Our long running experience in the education sector has helped us develop machines with ease of operation in mind, to help students create their products in an intuitive and simple way.

Boxford's machines and software are straight forward and easy to use, making it very simple for students to manufacture their creations. Our engineers have plenty of industry experience, creating machines which help build understanding of product design and act as a stepping stone into the real world of work.

Boxford are a member of the British Educational Suppliers Association.

Student using a Boxford augmente realty weling simulator

Our machines give students an invaluable understanding of the manufacturing process...

F1 in Schools car produced on  Boxford CNC router

See our latest projects, including photos, video tutorials and program files, to help get those creative juices flowing...

Featured products for Education


BGL690 80W

Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine

900mm x 600mm work area

Power             80w Glass C02

Weight            300kg

Dimensions    1480x1010x1150

Cutting thickness          0-20mm

Cutting speed               600mm/sec

Engraving speed          1000mm/sec



Router_1 111111111.jpg


Bench top PC controlled CNC router

Suitable for machining hardwood, soft woods, manufactured boards, foam, plastics, other synthetic materials, aluminium and brass.





Bench top PC controlled vertical machining centre

Advanced machining centre with ability to machine mild steel, alloys, plastics and other synthetic materials to close tolerances.