CO2 Laser Cutter UK

Gweike Cloud Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraver (50W)

Maximum Workpiece Height: 50 mm (without honeycomb table)

Laser Power Source: 50W

Laser Type: Glass CO2 Integrated Laser

Cooling System with Water Chiller

Table Control: Fixed Cutting Thickness: Up to 15 mm (Basswood)

Spacious Work Area (500mm x 300mm): The Gweike Cloud Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine boasts impressive technical specifications that are integral to its outstanding performance. It offers a generous engraving area measuring 510 x 300 mm, providing ample workspace to bring your creative designs to life with precision and detail. 

The maximum workpiece height is 50 mm (excluding the honeycomb table), accommodating various materials and workpiece sizes, giving you the flexibility to explore a wide range of creative projects.

Laser Power (50W Glass CO2): The laser power source of this machine is a robust 50W, which ensures consistent and efficient cutting and engraving capabilities. The laser type used is Glass CO2, known for its reliability and precision, making it an ideal choice for achieving high-quality results on various materials.

To maintain optimal performance and extend the life of the laser source, the Gweike Cloud is equipped with an integrated laser cooling system that includes a water chiller. This system ensures that the machine operates at the ideal temperature for achieving the best results.

Sturdy Build: For added stability during operation, the table control is fixed, enabling you to work with precision and confidence. The machine can cut materials with a thickness of up to 15 mm, making it a versatile tool suitable for various applications, including intricate designs and projects involving materials such as Basswood.

Affordable Excellence: An integrated 5MP camera can be used to enhance your precision by aiding precise design positioning and image tracing. You’ll have comprehensive access to the Gweike Cloud Laser Software, and if you prefer, the system is compatible with the optional Lightburn software, offering you flexibility. The convenience of Wi-Fi and USB connectivity streamlines the file transfer and control features.

The machine also comes with a pre-configured and fully editable parameter library, making customisation and adjustments a breeze. Its honeycomb material bed ensures stability and precision, accommodating various materials for your projects. To help you get started, a material pack is included, featuring essential resources like laser plywood, acrylic, and corrugated card.

Maintenance and alignment tasks are made easy with the comprehensive tool kit, which includes lens cleaning cotton swabs, an Allen key set, and laser alignment targets.

The built-in water-cooling system ensures optimal performance and lifespan of the CO2 laser source. Additionally, an integrated compressor facilitates air assist, enhancing the quality of your cutting and engraving. To provide peace of mind, the machine is backed by a 12-month warranty, and you can count on unlimited UK after-sales support for any assistance you may need.

From: £3,495.00 (UK only price)

The Gweike Cloud Desktop Laser Cutter cutting speed is notably three times faster than their competitor Glowforge, ensuring that you can complete your projects more efficiently. Additionally, the Gweike Cloud features a robust 50W laser tube giving you greater cutting power.

What sets the Gweike Cloud apart is its flexibility in software compatibility, running on both cloud and offline software and supporting Lightburn for more control over your projects. In terms of serviceability, the Gweike Cloud is designed with easily replaceable, off-the-shelf parts and offers comprehensive online and UK customer support, eliminating the need for shipping overseas for repairs.

The machine comes with a 12-month on-site parts and labour warranty, further backed by technical support via telephone and email. With its sturdy all-metal enclosure and glass top, the Gweike Cloud prioritises safety and durability. Most impressively, the Gweike Cloud delivers exceptional performance at a price that’s less than half of the Glowforge’s cost, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking a budget-friendly yet powerful desktop laser cutter.

Wifi, USB and Network connectivity 

Integrated 5mp camera for design positioning, image tracing and live monitoring

Integrated water cooling system for CO2 laser source

Option to add automated rotary attachment for engraving cylindrical items

Gweike Cloud laser software

Option to add Lightburn laser software, compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux OS

Integrated air compressor for air assist

Option to add filtered extraction system

Pre-configured & fully editable parameter library

12 months warranty

UK delivery, after sales and unlimited technical support

CO2 Laser Cutter UK

Gweike Cloud Desktop Laser Cutter

Work area: 510mm x 300mm
Power: 50w Glass CO2
Weight: 42.6kg
Dimensions: 970mm x 565mm x 234.5mm

Cutting thickness: 0-15mm
Engraving speed: 600mm/sec



(UK only price)


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Optional Accessories

Accessories for all Gweike Cloud Desktop
Laser Cutters, including:
Automated rotary attachment
Filtered fume extraction/air filtration unit
Lightburn software and license key
Set of replacement filters for extraction/air filtration system
Lens and mirror cleaning kit

See the Gweike Cloud in action:

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