Installing a Compact Metal Cutting Laser for Sword Fencing Equipment Manufacturer Leon Paul

by | 20 Jun '23

Boxford are delighted to announce we recently installed a compact metal cutting laser for Leon Paul, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sword fencing equipment based in the UK. This cutting-edge solution offers Leon Paul enhanced precision, efficiency, and scalability in their manufacturing processes, enabling them to further establish their industry leadership.

Leon Paul, founded in 1921, has an esteemed reputation for producing high-quality fencing equipment. With a strong commitment to innovation and craftsmanship, Leon Paul supplies athletes and enthusiasts with premium swords, protective gear, and accessories. The company’s dedication to precision and reliability has earned them a prestigious position in the fencing community.

We also supplied them with a BFM110 20W Fibre Marking Laser, to add to their existing metal marking and engraving capabilities. Our fibre marking lasers are fully enclosed and compact enough to install in a small office, workshop or product inspection environment. 

Boxford Laser Cutter

Benefits of a Boxford metal cutting laser:

Boxford installed a large metal cutting laser system for Leon Paul. Boxford’s expertise in advanced manufacturing technologies made them the ideal partner for this project! Here are some of the benefits of a Boxford fibre laser cutting machine:

  • Enhanced precision: the metal cutting laser provides unrivalled precision, allowing customers to achieve intricate and accurate cuts on. This level of precision has translated into improved product quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Increased efficiency: the fibre laser system drastically reduces manufacturing time by automating the cutting process. Compared to traditional methods, this automated solution can significantly increase capacity, enabling customers to fulfil orders faster and more efficiently.

  • Versatility and scalability: Boxford’s fibre metal cutting laser offers designers a versatile manufacturing solution. It can handle a wide range of materials, including steel and alloys, allowing for diversification in product development.

  • Savings: by streamlining the manufacturing processes, our consumers are often able to reduce costs in labour and cut down on material waste.

The installation of a large metal cutting laser aims to enhance brands manufacturing capabilities. The precision, efficiency, and scalability offered by this cutting-edge technology enables our customers to stay ahead of the competition.

Fitted laser cutter

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