Lightburn & integrated camera included as standard

by | 31 Jan '22

We’re excited to announce that the Boxford BGL range of CO2 laser cutters and engravers will now be supplied with Lightburn laser software as standard. Our machines will also be fitted with a fully integrated 4K camera, which can be used for artwork positioning, image tracing and live monitoring.

Our aim is always to make our machines as user friendly as possible, allowing customers to move from design to manufacture in the fewest possible steps. Lightburn laser software includes a whole host of useful tools to make this achievable.

Some of these features include an art library, allowing users to quickly load shapes or designs which they regularly use; print and cut options, making the process of lining up laser cutting operations with pre-printed materials quick and easy to do and variable text functions, giving customers the option to sync up Lightburn with a list of data to engrave.

Using Lightburn also means that Boxford BGL models are fully compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

You can read more about using Lightburn with a Boxford laser here:

The introduction of an integrated camera makes Boxford laser systems even more powerful. Using a few simple steps, a design can engrave in position on any object in seconds. This reduces the need to produce jigs or line up work by eye. That can be extremely useful when engraving a wide variety of items of different shapes and sizes.

It is also possible to capture an image of an object or hand drawing on the laser bed and trace the outline. This is done to produce on-screen vector graphics which can be laser cut and engraved.

When the door is closed, the camera gives you a view of the laser bed, to allow you to monitor the progress of your work on-screen.

Boxford’s BGL range of lasers are available in a range of power and bed size options to suit your application or size of work space. We deliver machines using our own transport, as well providing a full installation and calibration service on the day of delivery. It is also possible to purchase additional training, where our engineers will walk you through software and machine operation, as well as providing maintenance tips, to help keep your machine in excellent condition.

If you would be interested in discussing your requirements further, get in touch with our team who will only be too happy to help!