Compact fibre laser: new colour scheme and features

We’re constantly thinking of ways to improve our machines and offer something new and useful to our customers. Our fibre metal cutting lasers are no exception to that rule. As well as updating the colour scheme of the machine, allowing it to adapt well to most factory and workshop environments, we’ve also added some new features.

Colour is important

To most people, the function of a machine is more important than the colour! However, a slick, clean and well coordinated factory can do a lot for your workflow and productivity, as well as saying a lot to your customers when they visit.

Our fibre lasers are not only powerful enough to turn your workshop into a fully functioning metal profiling shop, but also small enough to save you valuable floor space.

We’ve installed machines in spaces large and small, giving customers the ability to bring their sub-contact work in-house and take full control over one of the most time critical stages in their production process.

The new colour scheme lends itself well to the majority of working environments, making it look at home among your existing machines and equipment.

Make your own consumables

Did you know laser cutting machines could be self sufficient? Well this one can. We supply you with the cutting file to be able to profile replacement machine bed slats on your own machine when they need replacing.

We’ve also developed an adjustable and replaceable back stop system to keep your sheet positioning accurate and trouble free for years to come.

Fibre laser cutting machine

Comprehensive cutting parameter library

Each machine comes complete with an extensive cutting parameter library, covering various materials and thicknesses, which have been cut and tested here at Boxford HQ. This library of settings can be added to as you process different materials or meet new demands from your customers.

Import drawings and nest with ease

Boxford fibre lasers come complete with powerful 2D drawing and nesting software, allowing you to transition smoothly and quickly from manufacturing drawing to finished part. The laser can be programmed from the built in PC. You can also create programs remotely and download to the machine via the USB or network connection ports provided.

Fibre laser cutter

Full UK warranty, spares and customer support

Boxford have supplied machines to commercial and education sectors for over 70 years and we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and support. We’re always at the other end of the phone if you have a technical query and have engineers available for full UK wide assistance.

All fibre laser cutting machines come with 2 years on-site warranty and comprehensive installation and training is provided.

Fibre laser cutter

Adding a fibre laser to your list of capabilities has never been so simple and cost effective. If you would be interested in finding out more, get in touch with the team. We can provide you with additional technical information and arrange a machine demonstration in our West Yorkshire showroom if required. Learn more...