Revving Up Education: Boxford Sponsors Scalextric4Schools Program

by | 26 Jul '23

Scalextric4Schools is an exciting slot car challenge crafted by two exceptionally creative and technically gifted educators: David Eyre and Chris Jarman, who possess an impressive track record of inspiring their students through exciting, thought-provoking, and ground-breaking lessons in design.

Among their many accomplishments, they have successfully orchestrated projects involving the exhilarating realms of slot car design, construction, and racing. In 2009, the very first Scalextric4Schools competition took flight, captivating participants nationwide through a series of regional heats.

Fast forward to June 30th, 2023, and Scalextric4Schools was reborn, reigniting the thrill of the competition. This time, the relaunched event unfolded at Bishops’ Blue Coat High School in Chester, welcoming 14 cars to race for victory in an exhilarating display of skill and speed and sponsored by no other than us, Boxford!

IMG 8570

The competition featured four awards:

  • The 2023 Champions Award – Winners: Drifting Donuts, from Bishop’s Blue Coat High School
  • Boxford Award for Best Engineered Car – Winners: Abbey Gate College
  • PDS Vison Best Designed Car – Winners: The King’s School
  • Teamwork Award – Winners: Newcastle upon Tyne Royal Grammar School
  • STIG Award – Winner: Morgan from Abbey Gate College
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Why we chose to sponsor Scalextric4Schools:

For over 70 years, Boxford has been a trusted provider of manufacturing systems to educational, design, and industrial customers worldwide. We take pride in our extensive experience and expertise, which not only empowers the innovators and engineers of tomorrow but also supports the needs of today’s manufacturers.

Unlocking a world of endless possibilities, Boxford CNC Machines and Boxford laser cutters are renowned for their remarkable versatility, unwavering precision, and capacity to amplify creativity and problem-solving skills. The machines have revolutionised the educational landscape: by harnessing the power of laser technology, students are now able to transform their ideas into reality.

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