Soldamatic Welding Training System

Our augmented reality welding training system features include:

Ability to simulate MIG, TIG and Arc Welding

Teacher software for real time student monitoring

12 months warranty

Ability to simulate full 360 degree welding on a variety of work pieces and angles

Welding mask featuring integrated vision and sound system for a truly immersive welding training experience

Analysis module which which grades both welding technique and weld defects

Three difficulty levels to allow student progression until they are ‘ready for the weld booth’

See it in action.

Soldmatic Welding Training System

400mm x 230mm x 440mm (without accessories)
Welding processes: Manual arc welding, MIG/MAG, TIG, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW
Weight: 15kg (30kg with accessories)
Dimensions: 400x230x440
Power supply: 115-230v 5A-11A 50-60 Hz


Included accessories

Useful accessories included with all systems:

  • Welding torches (SMAW, GMAW, FCAW & GTAW
  • GTAW filler rod
  • Five work pieces
  • Welding mask with augmented reality vision system
  • Work stand allowing full 360 degree welding
  • Teaching software
  • 12 months warranty

Optional accessories

Optional accessories to purchase with your training systems including:

  • Wheeled cabinet base complete with lockable doors and shelf for mounting work stand
  • Wheeled flight case (supplied as a two piece unit which can be clipped together for wheeling)

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