BML1390 CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine

BML1390 (1300mm x 900mm), 150W Long Life Glass Tube Multifunction metal and non-metal cutting, Floor-standing Laser Cutter Package.

Note: This Laser can be installed through a single door with an opening of 860mm or more, with some pre-dispatch disassembly.

Machine features, tooling, software, training, warranty, curriculum & supporting materials included in machine price:

Software / Licences
Windows software & drivers

Software installation and initial quick start training up to 1 hour on day of machine collection.

Warranty: 12 months parts and labour on machine, 10 months on tube, UK mainland only. Excludes consumable items like lenses, mirrors, filters, honeycomb cutting table, degrading non-glass laser tubes, optical alignment etc.

Factory Fitted

  • Auto sensor function – automatically adjusts the focal length depending on the position of the material surface
  • Integrated chiller based Laser Source cooling system.
  • Air Assist, including integrated compressor, preventing combustion of flammable materials
  • Removable ‘Knife Edge’ material support table.

Standard equipment

  • Honeycomb cutting table
  • Basic in-line extraction fan and hose for un-filtered external venting.See below for highly recommended Filtered Extraction unit.

Please contact us for a quote for additions and consumables

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